Gibsons Legion Friday Dinner - Dec 13 BBQ Roast Pork, Roasted Potatoes, Seasoned Carrots & Salad

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Gibsons Legion Hawaiian Luau Night!

July 18th Gibsons Legion Hawaiian Luau NightJuly 18 we are to have a Hawaiian Luau and we will be hosting a fun, Hawaiian themed dinner.  We are currently planning this and if anyone would like to come on to the Social committee please get in touch with Wilma Jones.  This dinner will be open to all members and guests, everyone is welcome.
Please Note: If you wish to join the Legion you do not have to be a veteran, it is open to all.  At the moment membership is 1/2 price. so now would be the perfect time to join and start enjoying the people, food and fun!
The Gibsons Legion is currently awaiting information from the Liquor Board regarding allowing families to come in during dinners. We will keep all members updated on this news as it changes.

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